Increase Conversion Rate Landing Page

Today's smart buyers are constantly engaging with content on multiple channels in order to identify solutions, interact with companies and overcome pain points. A main way that modern digital marketers are identifying these online users is by creating landing pages. Landing pages are designed to convert website visitors into leads by capturing their contact information. However, with all the content assets that are shared every day, modern marketers are struggling to sort through the noise and convert those visitors into qualified leads. Here are three steps to help you increase the conversion rates on your landing pages.

  1. Audience - Centric Content - In the current state of digital marketing, Content is King, and Relevancy is Queen. Marketers can no longer identify keywords and simply stuff them into their page and hope that will convert visitors. Instead, marketers need to understand their target audience - their goals, obstacles and interests. Then they need to create relevant content on well optimized landing pages in order to engage with visitors and convert them into leads.
  2. No Navigation / Gated CTA - On landing pages for demand generation, where you are raising brand awareness and showcasing your products, navigation is great as it allows you to maintain the interest of a visitor if the landing page isn't what they were looking for. However, if you are concerned about conversion rates, you want to strip the page of navigation and make it clear what you want the visitor to do. By having only one CTA, with a form to capture contact information, marketers can drastically increase their conversion rates.
  3. Marketing Automation - Not every one who signs up for your webinar is ready to be passed along to sales. In fact, force-feeding your sales pitch to someone who is in the awareness stage of the buyer journey may turn them away. This is why you need a marketing automation solution in place in order to nurture and engage prospects as they become a more qualified lead. Marketing automation allows you to engage leads with relevant content based on the campaign that brought them in to your database.

Captora is a revolutionary digital marketing solution that is helping modern marketers increase productivity. By being able to identify content gaps and opportunities, and then being able to create hundreds of targeted landing pages at scale, Captora customers are able to capture leads before their competition. See how Captora can help you create increase conversion rates on your landing pages.

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