Inbound Marketing Vs. Content Marketing

Inbound marketing is a term used to encompass all marketing activities that raise brand awareness, pull prospects IN and generate qualified leads. In the current state of digital marketing, the most effective way to accomplish this is through content marketing. Here are the definitions of the two and how they align.

Inbound Marketing - Inbound marketing is the process of helping online consumers discover your company by providing them with relevant content based on buyer intent signals (meaning how they are actively searching around particular key phrases). This usually happens in the education stage of the buyer journey. Inbound marketing utilizes many forms of inbound marketing to create brand awareness and win new business. These strategies include but are not limited to: content marketing, lead nurturing, social media marketing, email marketing, blog posts, webinar marketing etc.

Content Marketing - Content marketing is the practice of distributing content to attract online consumer, engage with your target audience and convert qualified leads into customers. It is a strategy of inbound marketing and is taking over the current state of digital marketing. The key in content marketing is to create audience centric content around pain points that are relatable to your target audience. This means you must have a clear understanding of your audience, THEIR buyer journey, and how your content can attract and engage them through out. In short, content marketing is about building long term relationships with your target audience, as well as generating leads, through valuable and consistent content promotions.

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