Inbound Marketing Tools

Marketing used to be seen as a cost center, but now it's a revenue driver. As a result inbound marketing is a top priority. As more and more marketers begin to use inbound marketing, many are looking for tools to help them find and capture new buyers before their competition.

Inbound marketing can be successful if done right. Captora is the only integrated inbound marketing solution that helps you accelerate pipeline growth. Captora integrates with your marketing automation and CRM solutions to help you accelerate pipeline. With Captora you can:

  • Identify, create and optimize hundreds of inbound campaigns without an army of people at scale
  • Identify digital marketing gaps and prioritize resources
  • Boost conversion of paid and organic results, leveraging existing content
  • Access real-time buyer and competitive data
  • Continually test and tune every new campaign for optimal results.

Fuel your inbound marketing efforts and leverage Captora to help you accelerate pipeline growth and capture new buyers before your competition. Download our ebook to learn about inbound markeitng tools that fuel growth.

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