Inbound Marketing Tactics

Inbound marketing is the method of creating brand awareness and attracting new visitors to your brand. With the shift within the buying process, marketers are creating content to engage and capture attention of potential buyers. But most marketers end up getting lost in the noise and do not know what tactics to use to capture potential buyers before competitors.

Here are some inbound marketing tactics that marketers should utilize:

  • Create a content strategy based on data not guesswork
  • Reach buyers across multiple channels (paid, organic, social)
  • Map content to buyer persona and sales funnel to engage buyers no matter what stage
  • Optimize campaigns- content, CTAs, forms, offer to drive conversions and provide buyers with value

There are many more inbound tactics you can utilize, but these are 4 fundamentals that can help you create a successful inbound marketing strategy. Leverage technology, like Captora, to help you use these inbound marketing tactics.Captora helps you create targeted content for your inbound marketing efforts. Now you can see competitor activity, demand gaps, content opportunities, and optimization opportunities so that marketers can create the best campaigns to drive results. Download our ebook to learn more about inbound marketing tactics that accelerate pipeline.

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