Inbound Marketing Social Media

Modern marketers have entered an era many are referring to as the "Buyer Revolution". An era where online consumers are not only spending a majority of their time interacting with content, but are actively searching out solutions rather than brands. Furthermore, modern marketers are under more pressure to generate leads, grow pipeline and fuel ROI. These additional pressures mixed with the shift in the way in which online consumers interact with content, makes it extremely important for marketers to utilize all tools that are at their disposal. Marketers are obviously aware of the need to distribute content across paid and organic channels to generate leads and raise brand awareness. Here are 5 trends illustrating the importance of distributing content across social media channels in order to generate inbound.

  1. 79% - of people on Twitter are more likely to recommend brands they are following than those they are not. (QuickSprout)
  2. 67% - of Twitter users are more probable to buy from brands they follow. (ContentPlus)
  3. 100% - Social media has a 100% higher lead to close rate than traditional outbound marketing tactics - (Hubspot)
  4. 46% - of millennials declare social media has the top influencer of buying decisions - (Jeff Bulas)
  5. 63% - Blogs are 63% more likely to influence buying decisions over magazines - (ContentPlus)

These trends make it clear to see that not only has social media become paramount in the way in which people stay updated, but it has become highly pivotal in inbound marketing. For more inbound marketing tips, download our Ebook!

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