Inbound Marketing Platform

In the last decade there has been a major shift in the way marketers engage and capture potential buyers. Since consumers are online searching for information, marketers have to change their marketing strategy in order to reach these consumers more effectively. Using an inbound marketing approach has proven to be a cost efficient revenue driver. By using inbound marketing strategies such as creating content, producing blogs, whitepapers, and social media promotions,marketers will be able to engage new buyers, create brand awareness, and help their company fuel growth.

Creating content can be a complex process for marketers. Most of the content produced doesn't drive conversions and has no tie to ROI, thus making it harder for marketers to know what content is valuable to buyers. There are many inbound marketing platforms out there to help you engage your audience, but most of them focus on nurturing leads within your CRM database. Being able to reach new buyers is vital for growth and can help spread the word about your product.

In order to help marketers reach their audience more effectively there needs to be a system that can give them insight into what their buyers are looking for. Captora solves marketers headache by leveraging your content ecosystem to ensure you are reaching thousands of new buyers. With it's patent technology, Captora automatically creates targeted campaigns to show you what opportunities exist. By using keyword analysis marketers can ensure their content is being seen by the right audience to bring in right leads. Now you can get insight across your inbound marketing campaigns and ensure you are driving leads while reducing acquisition cost.

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