Inbound Marketing Conversion Rates

Inbound marketing is a method of creating valuable content to attract potential buyers to your brand. Attracting buyers to your website is just one step of the process. Marketers need to convert those buyers and take them into leads and help them get through the buying process. But many marketers are missing out on opportunities to convert buyers.

Here are a few tips to help marketers convert visitors into leads through inbound marketing methods.

  • Calls-to-Action- Make sure there is a clear statement on your website that tells visitors what to do. (Demo, download whitepaper, contact us, requests, inquiries, etc.)
  • Gating- Having valuable pieces of content (webinar, white-paper,ebook) gated by a form will enable marketers to get contact information from website visitors.
  • Audience Centric Content- Make sure your content is valuable to your visitors and catered around the buyer intent so visitors will click on your gated pieces of content.
  • Optimized Landing Pages - Make sure you are keeping up with Google's best practices and not overloading your landing pages with random placement of keywords. But rather, creating content around the buyer intent of that particular keyword. Furthermore, the keyword should

Providing your visitors with value is a great way to get them from visitors to leads. Captora enables marketers to create relevant content as well as continuously optimize campaigns to ensure CTAs, forms, offers, and content are driving conversions.

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