Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing

In modern digital marketing, inbound marketing refers to the strategic process of helping engaging potential customers and helping them identify your solution and engage by providing them with valuable information. An effective tactic of inbound marketing is content marketing. Content marketing refers to the process of distributing your content to your target audience through organic, paid and social channels. The idea behind content marketing is to build relationships with potential customers through out the entire buyer's journey (from education to conversion). Online consumers are spending nearly half of their engaging with content, which suggests that content marketing is a great way to identify and engage potential customers. Here are some best practices for content marketing in inbound marketing

  • Identify Buyer Personas - In order to engage potential buyers with relevant content, you must develop buyer personas. Buyer personas are data-driven archetypes of buyers and decision makers and the factors they consider when making a purchase. This is more than their mere demographics. This is understanding what motivates them, what content engages them and how your solution empowers them.
  • Create Audience Centric Content - The next step is developing data-driven insights to identify what type of content you should be creating (whitepapers, ebooks, webinars), on what channels you should promote (organic, paid, social) and what messaging you should be promoting (thought leadership, self promotional, industry education or a mix.)
  • Create Targeted Landing Pages - Landing pages are micro sites that can only be accessed through a link, a CTA or an online button. These are the pages you see in organic search that are answering a specific question or addressing a certain issue. As Google is penalizing companies who use keywords to direct people to a home page or a resource page (rather than a specific page dedicated to that search term), the need for targeted landing is paramount.
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