Inbound Marketing Automation

Inbound marketing automation enables companies to create and maintain relationships over time through lead nurturing, lead scoring and drip marketing. Inbound marketing automation has customizable scoring applications that are adaptive and react to buyer behavior in real time. Thus, allowing you to create a more personalized experience by engaging with potential buyers on multiple channels and with relevant messaging. Here are 3 reasons why companies need inbound marketing automation.

  1. Not all Visitors are Sales Ready. According to Marketo, a leader in marketing automation, "50% of leads are not yet sales ready." Furthermore, according to Marketing Sherpa, 79% of leads never convert. This poor performance is attributed to a lack of lead nurturing
  2. Create and Maintain Relationships Over Time. Marketing automation enables you to be present on multiple channels and provide your audience with relevant messaging based on their buyer behavior. By engaging with potential buyers on their preferred medium, and providing consistent and relevant messaging you can establish trust and create relationships
  3. Increase Likelihood to Buy. According to Marketo, "companies that use lead nurturing effectively generate 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower cost." And lastly, "nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads."

With all the benefits of using marketing automation, from establishing relationships to increasing conversions at a lower cost, it is important that modern marketers are using marketing automation to accelerate their pipeline. Captora is a digital marketing solution that helps optimize marketing automation. For information on how Captora can help optimize your inbound marketing automation, download our ebook!

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