Inbound Marketing 

Over the past decade, companies have changed the way they reach buyers. There has been a shift from outbound marketing efforts of sending messages directly to your prospects to inbound marketing of creating valuable content that attracts people towards your company. The latter being more effective, comes from reading valuable content from your business and building relationships. Being able to create content that is relevant to your customers and that will establish credibility will help your organization create more inbound leads.

Captora is revolutionizing inbound marketing by offering unprecedented levels of automation and scale to replace the manual work of executing strategies for content. Captora enables marketers to deliver content rich campaigns across multiple channels that bring in new buyers. You can now engage and capture conversion ready buyers by creating targeted campaigns, optimize existing campaigns, and automatically test and edit campaigns to drive optimal results. 

Inbound marketing is one crucial way to attract potential buyers. Captora expands  top of  funnel marketing to automatically reach conversion ready buyers with valuable and relevant content. With Captora you have a powerful system which leverages content to reach new buyers and optimizes the inbound marketing process. Now you can make sure your content is relevant and continually optimized. 

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