Inbound Lead Growth

Can you induce lead growth while keeping costs down? The majority of marketers would say no. Why? Because costs and leads seem to be positively correlated. to the amount of To be effective in content marketing you must have a strategy. But being effective in lead generation with your content, you must deploy a strategy mapping to business goals.

Here are some tips to get your foot in the door to be a top lead generator.

  1. Outline your business goals- keep the specifics in mind. what is your goal for form fills? How many subscribers do you want?
  2. Define your audience- have you identified your buyer personas & their predicted journey. That way you can identify what content to aim at your targeted audience at what stage.
  3. Complete a content audit- which of your content has worked in the past? Which content should you retire?
  4. Define your prime keywords - Knowing the content to create is the biggest challenge. Captora shows you content gaps and the opportunities relative to your competitors focusing on real-time competitive and buyer intel.
  5. Test- which content is working and which isn't. With Captora you can A/B test CTAs, content, and offers, etc.
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