Inbound Lead Generation 101

Inbound Lead Generation 101: Let me guess- a course you didn't take in college. But today, it is imperative you add it to your personal marketing knowledge base. Marketers feel the pressure to drive pipeline growth by capturing leads before competitors while delivering qualified leads to exceed revenue goals. The current question is what content is relevant to your buyer pool? Today's digital world has ta plethora of channels, too little content, along with too few resources, meanwhile, marketers must guess which content they need to develop.

To accelerate your inbound leads, you need know which campaigns to prioritize, where your demand gaps are, and where your content opportunities lie to ensure you reach the right people at the right opportunity. While marketers are responsible for developing about 5-10 campaigns per quarter, that's not scalable and will fail to accelerate your inbound leads. Marketers must leverage data and technology to scale digital campaigns in order to drive more buyers into the funnel.

Captora is a leader in Digital Marketing Acceleration... helping marketers identify, develop, and optimize your inbound campaigns to engage and capture your buyers at every stage of their journey. With our product we are seeing marketers responsible for 300-500 campaigns each month! With machine learning and big data, Captora lets you identify the campaigns to seek out in order to boost conversion rates.

Our demo video showcases how Captora can help you accelerate your inbound leads.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video