Inbound Lead Acceleration

Marketers are under pressure to capture accelerate pipeline growth by capturing leads before their competition and delivering enough qualified leads to beat revenue goals. There is a constant challenge in trying to figure out what content is relevant to your buyers. In today's digital world there is too many channels, too little content, and too few resources, thus leaving marketers guessing about what content to create.

In order to accelerate your inbound leads, you need to be able to know what campaigns to prioritize, where you have demand gaps, and where you have content opportunities to ensure you are reaching the right people at the right time. Each marketer is responsible for about 5-10 campaigns a quarter, but this is not scalable and will not help you accelerate your inbound leads. Marketers need to leverage data and technology to scale up digital campaigns and bring more buyers into the funnel.

A platform like Captora helps marketers identify, create, and optimize inbound campaigns to engage and capture conversion ready buyers at scale. Now each marketing person can be responsible for 300-500 campaigns a month! Based on machine learning and big data, Captora ensures you know what campaigns to go after to boost conversion rates. Download our ebook to find out how Captora can help you accelerate inbound leads.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video