Inbound And Outbound Marketing Strategies

Modern marketers are not only responsible for generating more leads, but also for owning a larger percentage of the sales pipeline than in the past. Marketers are combating these pressures by optimizing their inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Here are some primary differences between inbound and outbound marketing and some tips to optimize the respective strategies.

  • Inbound Marketing is the process of creating brand awareness and converting that awareness into leads and revenue. It includes the following processes:
    • Aggregating competitive content and buyer intent signals to provide potential buyers with valuable information across multiple channels before they are aware of your solution.
    • Search Engine Optimization. SEO marketing is no longer packing your website with keywords and links to trick or game Google. In fact, Google's machine learning and natural language capabilities penalize companies using this tactic. The key to increasing your SEO rankings is placing context and unique selling points within your content to provide your visitors with something of value.
    • Landing pages optimized for ranking and conversions. In order to increase your Google rankings you want to ensure that your landing pages are well-optimized. This means making sure there is a direct relationship between the URL, title and subtitle of the landing page with a particular keyword or pain statement. This gives Google the impression that not only are these the keywords a buyer was searching for, but that this is the intent the buyer had in mind.
  • Outbound Marketing includes the process of prospecting target accounts and initiating conversations with leads in those particular accounts. Outbound marketing is the mass dissemination of your message to grow pipeline. Traditional tactics include trade shows, radios, events, email blasts, cold calling, etc. While legend says cold calling and other outbound tactics are dead, this notion is false. While outbound marketing budgets are giving way to the cheaper option of inbound marketing, outbound marketing is still very much alive if done correctly. Here are some tips to optimize your outbound marketing strategy.
    • Define a target company profile and leverage technology.
    • Be relevant in your messaging
    • Include a social prospecting step

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