Importance of Quality Content

Creating quality content can be a complex process for marketers. With content marketing being popular in modern marketing, more and more companies are spending parts of their budget on content. By creating quality content that is both engaging and educational, marketers can attract potential buyers, but also establish credibility. Creating content is a great way to educate prospects about your product, without a hard sell.

Marketers know the importance of creating quality content, but often don’t have the time or resources to follow through. In fact, according to Content Marketing Institute, 69% of content marketers feel a lack of time is their greatest challenge. Producing content can be a time consuming process if marketers do not have the data to show them what content to prioritize or which campaigns are delivering results. Thus, marketers end up creating content that is not of high quality or engaging to their prospective buyers.

With marketers struggling to leverage existing content and knowing what content to invest in, they are missing out on opportunities of growth. Captora solves that problem by enabling marketers to:

  • Gain a clear direction on content investment and effectiveness vs. your competition
  • Capture new buyers across multiple channels at the point they are beginning their search
  • Easily see what content, marketing channels, and campaigns are working best

Now marketers can create quality content that is delivering results.

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