Importance Of Measuring Marketing Effectiveness

When marketers feel pressure from every direction, content writing to budget restrictions to ROI, they need to ensure that their content-driven campaigns are effective at engaging the highest number of conversion-ready buyers. It is crucial that marketers have reliable data that proves the effectiveness of their content at capturing the interest of prospective buyers while also nurturing relationships with leads found in their CRM database. These measurable results allow marketers to move forward with the goals of producing great content, continuously and consistently, growing pipeline and expanding top-of-funnel marketing.

Where marketers struggle is in finding highly specific information about their prospective buyers - they can certainly spend plenty of time guessing, but this often results in missed opportunities for engagement. Marketers need reliable, measurable data to gauge effectiveness to focus their content marketing investments. When these are based on the demand signals from actual buyers, increases in lead volume are seen and marketers can focus their work on honing only the best content.

Captora allows marketers to deeply analyze every campaign, revealing insight into the effectiveness of every single piece of content. Our data-driven technology takes control of the entire content ecosystem, deploying only the most effective content across hundreds of campaigns, relieving content marketers of doing this through legwork alone. Marketers can go easily well beyond simply measuring and diagnosing marketing effectiveness with Captora - driving proven-effective content campaigns shows an over 40% conversion rate increase as well as marked improvement in ROI.

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