How To Write Web Content For SEO

Content marketing has been a buzzword surrounding modern marketing practices. According to Responsys, 74% of marketers want to increase their content marketing budget in 2014. While traditional SEO strategies have a place in marketing plans, marketers are finding new ways to reach buyers through organic channels. Marketers no longer have access to keywords that drive traffic to their site because of changes within search algorithms in order to hide query data. Marketing are consistently producing dozens of content trying to engage buyers, but have no tie to ROI.

Since buyers are searching the web for information, marketers need valuable and consistent content. However, most content solutions:

  • Do not provide data on existing content (blogs, CMS, communities, etc)
  • Do not give you insight into what new content to prioritize
  • Do not show clear ROI and analytics into what content is working best to engage new buyers

These challenges make it hard for marketers to engage buyers and generate more leads. Creating relevant content is a critical part in having a successful marketing plan.

Captora takes SEO further and helps marketers reach thousands of new potential buyers. Most SEO companies focus on nurturing buyers within their CRM system, but Captora utilizes top-of-funnel marketing to ensure marketers are reaching new buyers who have not heard of their brand. Captora applies machine learning algorithms to all your existing content, web traffic, and your competitor’s information to automatically create hundreds of data-driven campaigns to ensure marketers are reaching the right people with valuable content. Captora removes the guesswork out of marketing, and gives marketers insight into what content to create to engage and capture new buyers. 

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