How To Use Marketing Automation

Various technologies are in place that help marketers manage the customer experience across multiple channels. Marketing automation enhances customer experiences, which in turn develops those relationships, creating loyal buyers and generating high-quality leads. Having a central database, as well as relationship marketing engines that manage the marketing processes across multiple channels, is key along with high-powered analytics engines.

However, while many of these technologies help marketers keep a strong hold on their existing buyers and analyze their relationships with an already-captive audience, they do not functionally help the marketer to analyze content. And in marketing, great content rules. Filling multiple channels with unnecessary content just adds to the noise from all directions, and can rapidly alienate potential new buyers if the content is not directed at what they need to know. Existing marketing automation solutions also do not help marketers capture new buyers who are not familiar with your brand. This causes marketers to loose out on growing pipeline.

To perfect your existing marketing automation, Captora is the perfect partner. Captora brings data, process, and optimization to the top-of-funnel, which means more leads going into your marketing automation system. Marketers can now scale inbound campaigns effectively by focusing on deep analytics to grow pipeline with qualified leads. Engage those leads across multiple channels with Captora's content-leveraging technology.

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