How To Measure Content Marketing ROI

As content marketing is becoming more common, being able to track ROI is important. ROI has traditionally been seen as impossible to do, but marketers are able to track certain metrics to see how their content is performing.

In order to track ROI, marketers need to define their goals. What metrics do you want to look at? Is it brand awareness, lead generation, thought leadership etc. Benchmarking to know where you are and where you want to go is also important. Once marketers have the foundation and clearly define and set goals about ROI, they can then track the following:

  • Downloads
  • Known VS Unknown leads
  • Calculate cost per lead
  • Traffic and conversions
  • Social sharing
  • Content Performance

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Captora has a content score to help you benchmark against your competition. Marketers can track by search terms to see what content they have, what's performing well, and what content to create. Captora helps marketers engage and capture new buyers by creating content-driven campaigns. With Captora marketers can track content in an easy and effective way.

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