How To Increase Organic Search

Marketers want to ensure that they are driving traffic to their website. One way to drive traffic is through organic search. Marketers are using long tail keywords and SEO strategies to increase traffic. When a user’s search is relevant to your website, then search engines rank your website higher. However, search engines are regularly tweaking ranking algorithms to hide query data. Even with a successful SEO strategy, marketers need to continually maintain and adjust the strategy to make sure that those keywords will still ensure they rank higher. Thus, marketers are searching for a way to not increase web traffic as well as grow pipeline.

Content marketing is a great method of creating relevant and informative content to engage potential buyers and educate them about your company. Delivering educational content, enables marketers to build relationships with potential buyers that will convert to loyal customers. However, marketers are still finding it challenging to create content that doesn’t get lost in the noise. Having a solution that ensures marketers are reaching potential buyers is critical for marketers to achieve their goals.

Captora’s content solution gives marketers the data they need to create valuable content that will engage buyers, no matter what changes in search algorithms. Captora enables marketers to discover, engage, and convert new buyers who have not heard of their company by automatically scaling content-driven campaigns across multiple channels. Marketers can prioritize campaigns based on data not guesswork. With Captora, marketers can reduce their cost per lead, generate more leads, and increase conversion rates.

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