How To Increase Marketing Effectiveness

Modern marketers are under a lot of pressure to constantly grow pipeline and expand top-of-funnel marketing. In order to meet these demands and ensure credibility of their brand, marketers need to be certain that their content is effective at reaching buyers. When buyers are searching to solve their problems by using your brand's products and services, they want to find content that is relevant, informative, and particular to their needs - and they will scroll right past your content if it does not meet their needs. In order to nurture leads and strengthen brand credibility, marketers need to have access to measurable data that shows exactly how effective their content is and ways to continually hone it to reach the most possible conversion-ready buyers.

When marketers are stretched thin, using exhausting guesswork and legwork to create content that might reach buyers, they miss opportunities to create truly engaging content. They need to generate high-value information about their prospective buyers and use this to create engaging, effective content. When marketers use actual demand signals to make content marketing investments, they can better streamline their efforts at increasing lead volume.

Captora's technology is data-driven, producing measurable results that allow marketers just that very insight into buyer demand signals that they need to get ahead. Beyond simple A/B testing and other diagnostic tools, Captora actually leverages existing content, and delivers it rapidly across all of the most effective channels. When marketers use Captora, they will see double their conversion lead rate and major improvement in cost-per-lead acquisition, all through unique patent technology that allows marketers to focus on creating the content that is proven effective.

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