How To Increase Lead Generation

In the current state of digital marketing, consumers are spending most of their time online engaging with content and are actively searching for solutions rather than brands. Thus, it has fallen to marketing to generate more leads and manage the business-consumer relationship as potential buyers have gone through about 57% of the buyer journey before interacting with sales (ExecutiveBoard). Here are three tips to increasing your amount of leads by optimizing your lead generation strategies.

  1. Promote audience-centric content. Content is the baseline of any effective marketing approach, but before your content promotion you must have an understanding of your target audience. An understanding of your target audience comes from creating buyer personas; buyer representations based on data driven insights. These insights should inform you for about pain points, goals, roadblocks and where and how a consumer engages with your content
  2. Aligned Content and Multi Channel Promotion. It is crucial that marketers condense their marketing efforts into targeted campaigns as consumers prefer interactive content over traditional advertisements. These campaigns, that are aligned to a particular pain statement, should not only be promoted across multiple channels (organic, paid, social) but they should also be aligned to different steps in the buyer journey. This means having campaigns that are either for educating, self promoting, and for offering demos etc. Marketers mapping content to the buyer journey and using personas experience 73% higher conversions from response to marketing qualified lead. (CMO Essentials)
  3. Optimize landing pages for conversions. Once you have casted a large net, you want to optimize your landing pages in order to reel in fresh leads. There are two components to optimizing your landing page.
    • Having a direct relationship between a particular keyword and the title, subtitle, URL and content of a given landing page. Furthermore, these pages should integrate into your marketing automation platforms to streamline the conversion process and should integrate into the look and feel of your home website
    • Having your piece of valuable content (webinars, ebooks, and whitepapers) gated by a form to capture registration information.

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