How to Increase Conversion Rate On Website

One of the many priorities of marketers is increasing conversion rates on their website. Your website is an optimal place to drive traffic and generate leads, but many marketers are struggling to increase conversions and optimize their website. You don't want a high bounce rate, you need your visitors to find value and become a lead. Here are a few ways to ensure your visitors convert on your website

  • Your Call-to-Action (CTA) is visible and to the point- Your CTA should tell your visitor what to do and what they will get out of the offer. Make sure you have multiple CTAS that are visible and of high value
  • Create Valuable Content- Have content for every stage of the funnel. Put your thought leadership ebooks out, have customer case studies and videos for proof, and have content that is both engaging and valuable to your visitor
  • Interactive Content- Having a customer benchmark report or a digital marketing assessment creates value to your visitor and they are more likely to fill out the form. For example, at Captora we have a free digital marketing assessment on the homepage that gives visitors a customized report on their content compared to their competitors.
  • TEST and optimize- A/B test your CTAs, offers, button colors, content, headlines...just about everything! See what is working and what isn't. There are many tools out there that enable you to see what variation of elements increase conversion rates

Overall, it takes a lot of work and effort to ensure your website is optimal for conversions. Many companies have used Captora when launching a new website or optimizing their website. Captora shows you where you have digital marketing gaps and opportunities and what your buyers are looking for. To learn what content works and scale your marketing efforts, download our ebook today!

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