How to Increase Conversion Rate

Marketers try finding new ways to increase their conversion rates whether its website conversions or lead conversions. Businesses tend to spend millions of dollars on coming up with tactics to increase traffic to their site in order to increase conversion rates, but they end up loosing thousands of dollars because visitors aren't converting. Being able to drive conversions is critical for your businesses growth. In order to increase conversion rates, marketers need to understand their target audience.

As content marketing continues to evolve, more and more companies will start creating interactive content that changes based on specific criteria, making it more engaging to the reader. Creating an interactive piece of content, such as a customer benchmark or scorecard is a great way to increase conversions because your website visitors are more apt to give their contact information for something of value that can help them improve right away. Take a look at an example from the Captora website homepage. We have created a content scorecard. A website visitor enters her company URL and a few competitors, and then we send her a customized report that is based on her actual website content. Buyers want value as soon as they land on your site.

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