How To Increase Blog Traffic

A great company blog can help increase brand awareness and position your company as a thought leader in your space. But what are the best practices that can help increase blog traffic and hence improve the impact of your blog? Here are five things to keep in mind:

  1. Create relevant content- Your readers want to be educated and want valuable content to read. Before writing a blog post, make sure that it's talking about something relevant to your buyers.
  2. Include links to other relevant blogs- By linking to other blog posts you have written, you will be able to keep your buyers engaged as well as help with SEO.
  3. Guest Blogs- Reach out to influencers and other people in the industry to guest blog. This will increase traffic to your site because people from your guest bloggers network will start visiting yours.
  4. Repurpose- You can turn your blog posts into podcasts, slideshares, ebooks. etc. You can even refresh some of your blogs that have been outdated by adding recent stats and refreshing the content
  5. Promote- Many people promote their blog once. This is a big mistake. Promote your blog multiple times across of channels. This will ensure more people will see it.
Always ensure you are blogging consistently and promoting your blogs to get the most out of them. For more tips on how to create content that fuels the growth of your company, download our ebook.

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