How To Improve Your Web Presence

Having a website for your company isn’t enough. In order for potential buyers to find your brand, marketers need to improve their web presence. While there are many ways marketers can improve their web presence, the most crucial is having engaging content. With the buying process moving online, buyers are searching for a brand that will educate as well as entertain them through the buying process.

Follow these tips to improve your web presence:

  • Create engaging, relevant, and valuable content- Make sure your content is relevant to what buyers are searching for. You can also re-purpose your content to create more engaging content like infographics, webinars, blog posts.
  • Continuously optimize your campaigns and your website- Optimize for engagement and conversion
  • Work across multiple channels- Having a website isn’t enough. Use social, paid, and organic channels to reach buyers. Make sure you are continuously creating consistent content across multiple channels.

Captora ensures marketers are doing all these 3 steps in order to improve their web presence. The Captora marketing execution platform enables marketers to automatically create content-driven campaigns across multiple channels. With the data and machine learning algorithm, Captora provides marketers with insight into competitor moves, buyer demand, and optimization opportunities. With Captora marketers can also continuously optimize campaign elements for high conversions. Get Captora to help you improve your web presence.

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