How To Improve Conversion Rates On Websites

Increasing website conversions is a main concern for many modern marketers, While your website is the best place to drive traffic and convert leads, many marketers are struggling to improve their conversions and continuously optimize their content. Here are 5 ways to ensure your visitors are converting on your website:

  1. Is your homepage CTA clear? A CTA for a contact us, demo, or download a resource can be valuable to visitors. But ensure it is easy to find!
  2. Is your form short and to the point? Visitors do not want to fill out long forms. Just put information that you think is important for lead qualification.
  3. Is your content interactive? Creating customer benchmark or scorecard improves your conversions because your visitors are more willing to give their contact information for something of value
  4. Are you creating relevant and valuable content? Make sure your are creating content that is relevant for your visitors and matches what they are searching for. Create content based on actual data not guesswork.
  5. Are you consistently testing and optimizing your website? Constantly test and optimize your CTAs, forms, and content to ensure your campaigns are driving results.

With Captora, marketers can say yes to this checklist. Get the data you need to create valuable and interactive content, as well as continuously test CTAs, offers, forms, and content to ensure you are not only increasing conversion rates, but accelerating pipeline to meet marketing goals. Download our ebook to learn more about creating content that accelerates pipeline.

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