How To Generate Quality Leads

As today’s buying process has fundamentally changed, modern digital marketers are under immense amounts of pressure to generate high quality leads that can be passed over to sales. The success of your digital marketing strategy relies on your ability to get custom content, in front of the right audience, without increasing your cost per lead.

Captora Digital Marketing Acceleration is helping digital marketers leverage their best content in order to drive high quality leads into the top of the sales funnel. We do that with three core sections

  • Demand Analyzer - Access unbranded, long tail key words and market intelligence in order to stack rack thousands of search terms that people are using to search for key trends in your industry.
  • Campaign Engine - Use these data-driven insights to seamlessly launch and optimize hundreds of targeted landing pages in order to capture these buyers.
  • Performance Advisor - Report results by campaign, persona and channel in order to continuously optimize and drive success across the entire funnel.

With Captora, marketers can feel confident in generating high quality leads for their sales team. For example, In just one quarter, Marketo generated a 45% growth in marketing generated leads due to Captora's platform. Learn more about how you can generate high quality leads and accelerate pipeline growth.

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