How To Generate Leads For Free

Marketers are constantly thinking about leads. Generating leads can be cost efficient when done right. Within the last decade, buyers have become more engaged online and are looking for informative resoucres. With this shift in the buying process, marketers have started contributing largely to pipeline by creating valuable content that engages prospective buyers. Content marketing has proven to be an effective method of generating leads, but marketers are still guessing when it comes to creating content.

Marketers spend countless hours producing content that isn’t converting visitors. Trying to get past all the noise is a complex process and marketers are loosing out on growth. Buyers don't want to get bombarded with email blasts, but instead want to learn more about the product or service before talking to the sales team. Having a system that can help marketers reach and engage prospective buyers through valuable content is critical in modern marketing.

Captora expands top-of-funnel marketing to help marketers create informative content that will engage thousands of new buyers. Captora’s powerful engine leverages the content in your space to automatically create content and data-driven campaigns. With Captora marketers can:

  • Reduce cost per lead
  • Generate more leads effectively
  • Increase conversion rates

Now marketers get insight across inbound marketing campaigns to ensure they are generating more leads with confidence.

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