How To Generate Leads

As a marketer you are always thinking about how you can generate more leads. Creating valuable content is a great way to not only reach but also engage buyers. With buyers taking control of the buying process, the most effective way to capture their attention is by creating content that will help inform them about your product or service. By reaching new buyers who are not within your CRM or Marketing automation system, you will have a significant opportunity to generate leads.

In order to be successful in driving leads, you need to ensure you are giving your buyers what they are looking for. Create content that is relevant for your buyers and matches what they are searching for. If you are creating content in a vacuum you will get a high bounce rate. If you are creating content based on actual data, you are much better off.

If you are using a tool like Captora, you can determine what your buyers are searching for and what your competitors are creating, and then cross-check that content to determine gaps in your own strategy. Captora helps marketers generate more leads across multiple channels in a fast and easy way. With Captora you can:

  • Access real-time buyer and competitor data
  • Scale and optimize marketing campaigns and content
  • Report success across content, campaigns, and the funnel

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