How To Find Organic Search Buyers

Modern Marketers are finding it valuable to study up on how to find organic search buyers. Search engines give access to information about products or services, but the context of the search query is now entirely up to the buyer, leaving marketers to a guessing game of how and where to find buyers. Marketers seek out inbound marketing to attract buyers via inbound channels like organic search. In order to increase pipeline, marketers are forced to develop new strategies to reach buyers organically.

A great way to ensure marketers are attracting buyers is by utilizing content marketing. Yet, developing content is deemed a manual and time-draining process. Marketers hunger for automated processes that provide visibility to buyer intent and additionally, the successes of their competitors.

Captora is designed to create successes for marketers through tailor-made content. Captora’s patented technology uses your content and competitors’ content to identify the buyer channels where your customers are and then create campaigns to target those customers.

With Captora, Marketers can:

  • Identify & create hyper-targeted content through campaigns to drive conversions
  • Assess, develop and launch hundreds of new campaigns
  • Continuously optimize your campaigns for high business results

By using valuable content, buyers can be engaged and informed and ultimately convert. Captora is holds the future of modern marketing. Take a look at our quick demo video!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video