How To Develop A Digital Marketing Strategy

More and more companies are increasing their digital marketing budgets. However, marketers are finding it challenging to generate quality leads. In order to be successful in digital marketing, you need to ensure that you are increasing pipeline and revenue. So how do you create a digital marketing strategy that achieves these goals?

  • Identify Content Gaps and Opportunities- Take a content inventory, and see where you have content gaps and opportunities. This will help you know what content to create.
  • Identify Buyer Demand- Buyers are doing their own research, so they are searching using their own terms. Marketers are noticing a disconnect between what buyers are searching for and how they describe their product/service.
  • Know what Your Competitors are up to - Seeing real-time what your competitors are up to, is helpful for your marketing strategy.
  • Create Valuable Content Based On Data- If you want to engage your buyers you need to be able to create content that will educate them without a hard sell.
  • Promote- Your content is only as good as your promotion.
  • See What's Working VS What Is Not- Are you tracking what content is working, at what stage of interest, with which persona?
The digital marketing landscape is competitive. In order to be successful and your strategy needs to be comprehensive. Using a tool like Captora. digital marketing acceleration, enables you to do all the above. If you want to find and capture new buyers before your competition and get the insights you need to create a sucessful content marketing strategy, contact us for a demo.

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