How To Create An Effective Marketing Plan

Having a marketing plan is critical for your marketing team. Marketers are under pressure to increase pipeline, and without an effective marketing plan they will miss out on opportunities to capture new buyers. Here are 5 steps to creating an effective marketing plan.

  1. Identify business goals- Be specific. Set SMART goals
  2. Identify your competitors- Pick 3-5 competitors and use a solution to help you keep track of what they are doing. Captora shows you real-time competitor data by type of content and how you rank relative to your competitors in content and reach
  3. Create a content strategy- Know your buyer personas, buyer journey, map content to sales funnel, identify who will write your content, promotion, and tracking
  4. Leverage technology- Pick solutions that will help you reach your business objectives. Captora sits on the top of the funnel to help you find and capture new buyers before your competition and helps you accelerate pipeline growth. It also integrates with your marketing automation solution to speed up nurturing and scoring
  5. Track results- Know what campaigns are working and what content is engaging your buyers.
Captora helps marketers scale marketing campaigns to accelerate pipeline across digital channels. To see how to create a content marketing strategy, download our ebook to help you get started.

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