How To Create An Effective Content Strategy For A Website

To be effective in content marketing you need to come up with a strategy. And to be effective in generating leads with your content, you need a strategy that maps to your business goals. Your website is your calling card. You want your visitors to convert to leads when they land on your site. Here is a 5 step strategy to create an effective content strategy for your website.

  1. Define your business goals- Be Specific. Do you want to reach a certain number of form fills? do you want to get 1000 email subscribers? Define your goal.
  2. Define your audience- In order to map your content to business goals, determine your buyer personas and their journey. You will be able to know what content to create to get buyers moving through the funnel
  3. Content Audit- See what content has worked in the past. Where are your buyers? What content is exhausted?
  4. Define keywords to go after- Knowing what content to create is the biggest challenge. A solution like Captora shows you content gaps and opportunities relative to your competitors based on real-time competitive and buyer insight.
  5. Test- See what content is working and what isn't. A/B test your website for CTA, content, offers, etc. Having someone optimize your website is critical for conversions
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