How To Build Brand Awareness Online

Building brand awareness online can be a complex process for many marketers. While there are many methods of building your brand awareness online, creating content is the most valuable way to educate buyers about your brand.

Marketers know that content is king and creating valuable and informative content is a great way for your marketing messages to get past the noise. But most marketers do not know what kind of content to create in order to increase brand awareness online. Here are some content types that marketers can use to build brand awareness:

  • Blog Posts- This should be educational to attract early stage buyers who have never heard about your brand before
  • Infographics- Creating visuals and stats in an engaging and fun way is a great way to capture the attention of buyers.
  • Webinars- map your webinars to your sales funnel so that you have content that applies to buyers no matter what stage they are in the buying process

While there are many content types you can create to build brand awareness and engage buyers, the common challenge is creating content that is relevant and valuable to your buyers.

Captora helps marketers figure out what content to create. By measuring your content performance, benchmarking your content to your competitors, and automating data-driven campaigns across multiple channels, Captora is the solution to help you get your name out there.

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