How To Build An Effective Content Strategy

In today's marketing world, you must know how to build an effective content strategy. This strategy has the intention of developing leads and gaining revenue by mapping out your goals as a business, and aligning these goals to your customers.
Your site is the main attraction, and once your buyers land on it, you want them to stay so they become a qualified lead. But in order to do that, your content must be engaging and compelling. Check out these 5 tips to devising a strategy that works with your content:

  1. Outline your business goals- Specific and Attainable. Are you concerned about number of form fills? Are you looking to reach 1000 email subscribers? Define your goal clearly.
  2. Identify your audience- To map your content to your business goals, map out your buyer's journey and identify where they are. With this information you will gain more insight to what type of content you need to develop.
  3. Content Audit- What content of yours has worked in the past and where do you need to make some changes to make sure it is being optimized.
  4. Be selective in your keyword choice- Figuring out which content you should create is the biggest challenge. The Captora solution shows the content gaps and opportunities you have compared to those of your competitors with real-time buyer intelligence.
  5. Test- A/B test with your website for Call-To-Actions, content library, offers, etc. Someone should optimize your website to gain conversions.
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