How Can Businesses Create An Effective Content Strategy

How Can Businesses Create An Effective Content Strategy that is up to speed with today's marketing world?

In content marketing, it is imperative you have an executable strategy. To drive leads with your content, you must have your strategy mapped out and aligned with business goals. Your website: the calling card to your brand. It is the goal to drive engagement, convert to leads, and drive pipeline. Those must be the underlying structure of your go-to-market plan.

Here are some steps recommended

  1. Define specific goals- Think numbers and tangibles. How many form fills are you aiming for? Do you want to boost subscriptions?
  2. Who is your audience- Are you able to outline your buyer personas along with their journey? Once this has been configured, you will need to develop conten pertaining to your buyer desires and get them through the funnel.
  3. Content Assessment- identify the content that has worked in the past. What is something you may need to improve on?
  4. Define keywords and phrases- Knowing content types and which channels to use are a few challenges. A marketing solution like Captora demonstrates content gaps and outlines opportunities by comparing your competitors content.
  5. Test and check- Ask yourself what content is working? Have I conducted A/B testing for CTAs, content, assets, etc.
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