How Are SEO Marketing And SEO Advertising Different

How are SEO Marketing and SEO Advertising Different?

A common question by marketers these days, but relax, we are here to alleviate you.

SEO marketing is the a bit of a vague phrase, but it refers to the concept of using targeted keywords to increase your website ranking. However, today's world is evolving rapidly and we are seeing quick changes in search engine algorithms, creating a gap where marketers cannot easily evaluate which keywords drive traffic. With buyers being active on search engines to find information, marketers are opened to significant opportunity to reach those buyers via organic search. Yes there is a need for SEO, but most marketers want it all- increasing traffic AND generating leads.


Advertising or Pay-Per-Click marketing is another method of boosting website traffic. Marketers develop ads and search engines push them to sponsored areas. Paid search is considered a great way to generate leads, but the value is diluted as marketers try to scale. Marketers hope to scale content to reach as many buyers as possible. Paid search optimization paves the way for marketers to generate leads and drive conversions.

How Marketers Can Use This To Bring in Desired Results

SEO and advertising are both highly valuable in today's marketing. Marketers do not have the ability to assess to existing opportunities.

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