How A Marketing Plan Is Developed

The best marketing plans are developed with a customer-focused strategy that is grounded in brand integrity. When credibility and loyal relationships with customers are the goal, marketers must focus their plans on creating great content that is relevant and engaging to buyers. Any well-executed strategy needs a plan rooted in measurable, data-based goals and objectives, focused on growing pipeline and retaining long-term relationships with clients.

Often, marketers will spend a great deal of time developing these plans because they rely on guesswork to establish those goals. However, this is simply exhausting and can mean a lot of missed opportunities for growth if marketers are unaware of specific buyer demand signals. To develop a great marketing plan efficiently, marketers need reliable data and real-time numbers about the effectiveness of their content-driven campaigns.

Captora gives marketers automatic access to data that reveals which campaigns are most effective and any gaps in content - but it goes beyond simple diagnostic A/B testing. Our deep analytics reveal website clickstream data and efficiently compares this to competitor information, allowing marketers to prioritize content investments. When marketers use Captora, only their most effective content is rapidly delivered into multiple channels, removing any guesswork and reaching the most possible conversion-ready buyers to expand top-of-funnel marketing.

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