High Quality Leads

Modern marketers are under pressure to fill the sales pipeline with high quality leads. This is due to the fact that buyers are consuming mass amounts of content on multiple channels and ignoring unsolicited sales pitches. Quite literally, content marketing has replaced the salesperson in regards to customer engagement.

In order to face this challenge head on, digital marketers need all of the tools, technologies and best practices at their disposal. Here are three ways you can adapt to the new pressures and start generating high quality leads today.

  • Audience Centric Content/ SEO - In 2015, Content is King and Personalization is Queen. Creating content marketing campaigns that leverage buyer intent signals and long tail keywords is the best way to get engage your target audience. Personalized web experiences (dedicated landing pages that are based on pain points and include specific messaging and offers) will help you convert website visitors into leads.
  • Marketing Automation - Leveraging Marketing Automation is a great way to nurture known leads - with content - as they navigate through the buyer journey. But in order to keep increasing your pipeline you need a solution that will feed your marketing automation solution with more high quality leads for nurture.
  • Captora - Helps companies fill their marketing automation solution with a fresh supply of high quality leads. By using Captora's competitive intelligence and buyer intent capabilities, marketers can close the content gap between how buyers are searching for their solution and how they (the marketer) describe their solution.

Captora is helping leading companies increase high quality leads and increase the impact of marketing automation solutions to drive more pipeline and revenue.

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