High Quality Content

The hot topic surrounding modern marketing is content. According to Content marketing Institute in 2014 the average organization spends 30% of their marketing budget on content. With more and more companies spending their budget on content marketing, creating high quality content becomes crucial. High quality content needs to be engaging, informative, and valuable to your potential buyers.

The main challenge for many content marketers is not knowing where to start. With so much noise on the web, marketers want to ensure that their messaging isn’t lost in the noise. Producing content with no tie to ROI can be frustrating. Creating content is not enough to engage buyers. Rather, marketers need to create the right content with the right topics to reach the right potential buyers.

Having a tool that enables marketers to create data-driven content is a great opportunity for marketers. Instead of guessing what content to create, marketers have a solution that ensures they are creating high quality content that is related to what their buyers are searching for. Captrora automatically creates targeted content-driven campaigns based on your existing content ecosystem to show marketers where demand exists. Marketers have insight into what topics to create, what competitors are saying, and what campaigns are working well to drive results. Now marketers can create high quality content that delivers the results they need.

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