Great Content Strategy

Many marketers get overwhelmed by the amount of content they need to continuously produce. Marketers need to be able to create engaging, relevant, and valuable content, yet many marketers don’t know what topics or content types to use. A great content strategy includes different content types, a clear CTA, mapping content to buying cycle, and understanding your audience. Yet, many marketers are struggling to create content that is engaging to their buyers.

Marketers are left guessing when it comes to creating content. Existing content solutions do not provide buyers with data for campaign performance, competitor benchmarking, or existing opportunities. This causes marketers to miss out on opportunities to capture new buyers or keep existing buyers engaged. Since more and more marketers are utilizing content marketing, they need a solution to ensure they have the data they need.

Take the guesswork out of your content strategy and use Captora to ensure you data-driven content campaigns that engage buyers. With Captora marketers get:

  • Automatically created campaigns for demand capture
  • Drive ROI on new content
  • Identify content, conversion, and optimization gaps and opportunities
  • Distribute your content across multiple channels
  • Continuously optimize campaign elements (content, offers, forms, CTAS)

Marketers can now create a great content strategy based on data.

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