Great Content Marketing Tips

Great content marketing tips seem to be a trending topic on the web today. Why? Perhaps it can be attributed to the many channels existing today that make way for content marketers to share and promote great content targeted to their desired audience. The Content Marketing Institute says 73% of B2B marketers create more content than what they had a year ago. While content is king, marketers must remember not all content is great content. What are your buyers looking for and how does your content stand against your competitors?

Creating great content is a necessity. Buyers conduct searches all the time for information to solve a problem or to be better informed of a product or service. Having content tailored to your target audience is crucial. Being able to engage with future buyers using the right content enables you to create sustainable relationships, established credibility, and down the road, help you convert them into loyal customers.There are copious tools to help marketers create quality content.

With Captora, our SEE DO WIN approach is perfect for your content marketing plan:

The strategy:

SEE- access buyer insights and assess competitor intel

DO- scale and optimize digital campaigns/content

WIN- view and track your successes across channels with a live analytics dashboard

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