Good Marketing Campaigns

The measure of a good marketing campaign is directly tied to your ability to generate high quality leads. But how can marketers ensure they are reaching sales-ready buyers? A good marketing campaign leverages insights and data to ensure results.

Leveraging technology such as Captora enables marketers to dramatically improve their marketing campaigns in order to drive net new leads into the top of the funnel. Captora provides marketers with:

  • buyer and competitive intent signals in order to identify key demand signals that people are using to search for your solution.
  • demand signals to automatically create hundreds of optimized landing pages in order to provide your visitors with the content that they are looking for.
  • Report the success of these digital marketing campaigns by offer, channel and persona in order to ensure that you are engaging your target audience.

Captora helps customers create good marketing campaigns that are targeted per persona. In fact, customers like ServiceMax were able to see a 60% increase in non-branded search traffic due to targeted campaigns from Captora's platform. Learn more about how Captora can help you create good marketing campaigns that fuel growth.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video