Good Landing Page Conversion Rate

When using inbound marketing strategies, landing pages are excellent ways to present pieces of relevant information to buyers at the beginning of their searches, capturing their interest. Information collected from CTAs on these landing pages is a great way to strengthen customer relationships; the pages can be tailored to their personalized information, including demographics and visitor referrals. This ultimately allows the buyer to feel comfortable with your brand and confident in making purchasing decisions, meaning they are more likely to be converted.

The challenge for marketers lies in making their landing page information actually show up as a response to buyer demand signals. With paid search campaigns, marketers can simply guess at what information buyers will find relevant, or they can use techniques rooted in data-driven technology to create the absolute best content in the right contexts.

Captora is where marketers will find that data-driven technology. Paid search campaigns are automatically optimized to drive high conversion rates through the personalization of pages. Our technology allows marketers to continuously A/B test campaign elements while placing proven-effective content in the right search channels. Dramatically increase conversion rates and see increases in overall lead volume with Captora.

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