Generate Sales Leads

As a marketer, one of your primary goals is to generate leads for your sales team. But, any leads just won't do. Your sales team expects you to deliver high-quality leads that are likely to convert to opportunities and then customers. In order to generate more leads, you need to find and capture your buyers before they go to your competition. So how can you generate more sales leads so everyone wins?

Here are 3 tips to help you generate more sales ready leads.

  1. Create valuable content- If you want your visitor to provide you with their contact information, your content needs to be compelling enough to entice them to fill out your form.
  2. Be everywhere- promote your content on social, invest in paid programs, and do webinars, tradeshows, etc.
  3. Ensure your processes are set up correctly. Do you have content to move your buyers throughout the sales funnel? Are you utilizing your marketing automation to help you with lead nurturing and scoring?
The most important aspect of generating sales ready leads is keeping your buyers engaged. You need to ensure you are providing the right content to the right persona at the right time. When buyers see content that is tailored to what they are searching for, they are more likely to engage. Once they engage, it's up to you to build a relationship with them throughout the buying decision. Easier said than done though. Download our ebook to learn about creating content that generates more sales ready leads!

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