Future Marketing Trends

2015 has seen digital marketing soar! Search, social and other forms of advertising are creating a massive landscape that is becoming increasingly more difficult to come up with. Pipeline is the goal, but the question is where to derive it. At the end of the day, Marketers waste funds on content with no results to support the investment.

High volumes of noise clog each marketing channel, and it is a huge challenge to create compelling content that sticks out from that of your competition. Companies must leverage their existing resources and content, but it seems more like pulling teeth at the end of the day. Meanwhile, C-Level employees are scratching their heads wondering how to justify their investments.

Social Media is the today and undoubtedly, also the tomorrow in outlets to promote content. As a matter of fact, Hubspot has discovered 21% of marketers agree that social is one of the most important aspects to their marketing efforts. It is imperative that marketers promote their content on social channels that tie to a landing page to track and measure your traffic.

With Captora’s innovative platform, you become more agile with the strategic work and are able to watch the software fulfill the “grunt” work. Captora is a leader in SaaS and top-of-the-funnel technology company that offering amazing results to complete your marketing strategy.

With Captora we have a See, Do, Win Approach:

SEE- where your buyers are and what kind of content they are engaging with

DO- the campaigning and content creation that is tailor-made to meet the needs of your customers while utilizing existing resources

WIN- with tangible ROI, metrics and analytics to assess content gaps and successes.

Check out this demo video and see why Captora is your answer for top-of-the-funnnel marketing!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video