Functions Of Marketing Channels

Marketing channels serve many functions, but all primarily communicate correct, up-to-date information between buyers and sellers. Marketers use these channels to engage the interest of potential clients by specifically targeting their content, and convert prospective buyers into qualified leads. Search (paid and organic), social media, email promotions, and comparison shopping engines are just a few of the ways that these marketing channels can communicate this information.

However, it can be a time-consuming task for marketing teams to adequately assess the most appropriate content to target the interest of buyers. Without the proper data behind what content to produce, marketers are losing out on engaging buyers and growing pipeline. Measuring this data across inbound channels requires advanced technology to analyze and scale content-driven campaigns.

Luckily, Captora's technology does just that, and more. Captora helps marketers use existing content to focus campaigns across multiple marketing channels. Our technology intelligently collects data, analyzes it, and expands the top-of-funnel marketing so that you can generate more leads and grow pipeline through all of the appropriate channels for your brand.

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