Effective Marketing Plan

Buyers no longer go straight to sales representatives for information. Marketing teams are increasingly more involved in the buyers decision. Having a marketing plan is important for every company. Marketers are increasingly under pressure to generate inbound leads and increase pipeline so implementing an efficient marketing plan can prevent missing opportunities to capture new buyers. Here are 7 steps to creating an effective marketing plan.

  • Set Goals
  • Determine Target Audience
  • Perform Research
  • Determine Strategy
  • Define Tactics, Budget and Resources
  • Evaluate the Plan

Captora is dedicated to helping you improve your marketing plan by providing a scalable inbound digital marketing platform that can improve your lead generation and increase conversion rates. Captora allows you to identify how buyers are searching for you and your competition, implement hundreds landing pages specific to the relevant content they are looking for and analyze what landing pages are the most efficient at capturing buyers attention and converting them into leads. Learn more by clicking on our demo video!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video