Effective Marketing Campaigns

Coming up with effective marketing campaigns can be a difficult process for marketers. But let's take a step back and define what it means when we refer to marketing campaigns as "effective" in search marketing. An effective campaign should be a landing page that encompass the following:

  • A title and url that matches a keyterm or pain statement
  • A subtitle and description 200-250 words) which supports the matching title and url of the keyterm or pain statement
  • A CTA (Call to Action) to drive conversions

Following these landing page guidelines will increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Think about it, are you more likely to provide your information when landing on a homepage/resource/product page, or on a page specifically designed to what you the user is searching for?

The tougher question is how do you create effective marketing campaigns at scale given the many ways people could search around your solution(s)? The answer is Captora.

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